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Please find a selection of resources to support your healing journey below.

This therapeutic tale of nature and healing includes embodiment exercises that help release and transform feelings into new feelings of love, joy, and freedom.

The e-book is available as a free download, as is the video narration with demonstrations of the included exercises.

The SCOPE Safety Aid stabilizes physiological stress response and helps build resilience to get through crisis. This can be an effective tool for frontline workers, first responders, and people dealing with intense pressure.

This simplified version of our Polyvagal poster is available for download under a creative commons attribution license. It is based on our Official Polyvagal Theory poster and uses imagery of water and nature to illustrate autonomic states.

Dr. Stephen Porges explains Polyvagal Theory in his interview with

This is a video excerpt featuring Peter Levine, Ph.D., from his video lecture entitled "How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness".

This episode provides a basic introduction into the core ideas of polyvagal theory. You'll learn about co-regulation, trauma, and the power of finding your anchor.

A summary of research into the efficacy of Equine Assisted Therapy provided by Equine Learning Experiences Australia (ELEA) - 2015


Recommended Books

Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma is a self-help book by American therapist Peter A. Levine and Ann Frederick published in 1997. It presents a somatic experiencing approach which it says helps people who are struggling with psychological trauma.

Humanual is a unique and comprehensive approach to self-knowledge and self-improvement, offering a clear, concise, and rather simple set of explanations and exercises to facilitate understanding and unity of body, mind, and spirit.

Rich with case studies and hands-on activities, Trauma Through a Child’s Eyes gives insight into children’s innate ability to rebound with the appropriate support, and provides their caregivers with tools to overcome and prevent trauma.

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