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About Me

Hi, I'm Emily, I have been in private practice for about 12 years now, starting as a life coach then moving into transpersonal (holistic) counselling and more recently as a somatic trauma counsellor.  Whilst my life journey has had a few hurdles along the way, I've continued to learn and grow.  By consistently evolving, embracing new therapeutic methods and honing my craft.  Throughout this time it has become apparent how often our  health system in the western world misses the mark when treating people.  Quite often when clients engage with our services, they have been accessing treatment , support and medication for years and it is not fixing the issue, it is just band-aiding it , or the side affects from medication have created a whole new layer of challenges for the individual.

I believe through both learned and life experiences I have the tools and methods to help guide you on your path to recovery.  To achieve stability through nature based practices and somatic trauma informed counselling steeped in polyvagal theory framework.  Reconnection to mind and body.

Education, Certifications & Accolades

Somatic Experiencing International - Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP)

I have completed 3 years of study with Somatic Experiencing International  -‘ Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a pioneering trauma healing approach developed by Dr Peter Levine, using the innate ability humans have to overcome trauma. SE encourages and utilises the awareness of sensations in the body to help re-negotiate and relieve the physical , emotional and physiological effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other stress and trauma related health problems.

Faculty Member of The Restorative Practices Alliance 

Registered NDIS Provider - since 2016

Improved daily living

Therapeutic support (counselling)

Victorian Rural Business Woman of the Year Finalist
- 2016

I was honoured to be awarded for my efforts towards my contribution to community through E . L . E . A both locally (Golden Plains Shire) and on a state level.

Phoenix Institute of Australia - Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling
- 2015

 Life Coaching Institute - Certificate IV Life Coaching
- 2009

Benchmark College - Certificate IV (TAE) Training & Assessment
- 2009

Australian Counselling Association - Registered Counsellor


The Restorative Practices Alliance 

The Restorative Practices Alliance is a global trans-disciplinary community and movement whose objective is to support superior clinical outcomes in medicine and mental health by uniting the newest (neurophysiology and data science) and oldest (ancestral awareness) healing technologies.

Focusing on optimizing wellbeing, and the diagnosis and treatment of stress-related disorders, including anxiety, depression, traumatic stress, sleep difficulties, gastro-intestinal disorders, and certain auto-immune diseases.

As a member of the Restorative Practices Alliance I am licensed to connect my clients to the  (R)evolutionary Clinical Treatment Platform, "which is a superior diagnostic and clinical tool that is defining the future of medicine and mental health.  It is being used to improve client outcomes and accelerate treatment efficacy for a range of stress related conditions including anxiety, depression, gastro intestinal distress, PTSD, complex chronic illness and others". I am offering this online platform to specific clients as a secondary level of therapeutic support.

My Philosophy

To me STABLE means being in balance in our hearts , minds and bodies. It is my goal to ease people’s suffering who have been impacted by overwhelming stress or trauma  and support as many people as I can to move to a place of balance and harmony with themselves and those around them. We living beings are fundamentally  meant for growth , we just need to have the right conditions for this to happen.  - We are human beings not human doings.

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