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"Napoleons Woman Finalist for Award" - The Courier 2016

Napoleons woman Emily McVeigh has turned her sights on how best to expand her equine assisted therapy service after being announced as a finalist for the Victorian rural businesswoman of the year.

Her business Equine Learning Experiences Australia, is aimed at helping those with mental health and trauma issues by working alongside horses.

“It was a fantastic opportunity for me,” she said. “For me it is all about how we can get the community to endorse this kind of therapy.”

Ms McVeigh said the result in the competition had driven her to find a solution for how her service can be rolled out more widely. “It has sort of ignited something in me, this isn’t about my business it is about the community,” she said. She said she was currently looking at the options of setting up a foundation or a charity to help have the service available to more people.

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